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“Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) at CSU! Whether you are a new or returning student, a graduate or undergraduate student, someone considering attending CSU or already enrolled, we are here to help you find your way to a successful academic career and a fulfilling future. The diversity of programs CAS offers- from Music to Math, from Criminal Justice to Communications, from Psychology to Physics (plus many more)- will prepare you for a productive career in the field of your choice.  The mentorship of students by faculty, internship opportunities, research opportunities, and tutoring/learning assistance help students of all abilities thrive academically and interpersonally. Take a look at our offerings, and see why CAS at CSU is the place for you!”

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Mission Statement

The College of Arts and Sciences provides the intellectual nucleus of the University. The college prepares its students to be competitive in challenging careers in the humanities, fine and performing arts, the social and behavioral sciences, and the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines. The college provides students throughout the university with broad interdisciplinary awareness and competence to equip them for citizenship in the 21st century environment of diversity, globalization and social justice.

Vision Statement

The College of Arts and Sciences will be recognized for its depth and breadth of scholarship; its commitment to utilizing pedagogies that effectively teach students while equipping them for the workplace; its student and community engagement in research and creative activities to foster economic growth, social justice, and lifelong personal development; its support of all education programs in the University by teaching critical thinking, numeracy and creative and purposeful writing. It will be recognized for engagement in major issues that both challenge and foster democratic thought.

Nowhere are the mission and ambition of Chicago State University better reflected than in the College of Arts and Sciences.

We offer you the opportunity to grow into your best, most complete self. Become acquainted with diverse cultures and yourself. Discover the joys of teaching and learning. Think. Write. Perform. Learn how to compute and construct, Master the art of managing yourself and others.

Complement your quest for knowledge and personal fulfillment with the vast offerings of one of the most dynamic cities in the world.

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Mark Smith

Mark Smith

Interim Associate Dean

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Rochelle Greene

Rochelle Greene

Coordinator Special Projects

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